The UX Conference speaker Sim Wishlade

Sim Wishlade – Principle Product Designer at OpenTable. Previously at Deutsche Telekom and Which?.

The UX Conference speaker Nicholas Miron

Nicholas Miron – Product Manager at OpenTable. Previously at Alibaba Group.

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At this session we’ll show you how to set up, run and analyse A/B tests. With plenty of learnings from OpenTable – how we test, share insights and findings from AB tests we’ve run. What we think we know about our users, and what we’ve learned from them, how that influences our future thinking.

  • Signed certificate
    upon completion
  • Handouts & slides
    printed & digital
  • Live QnA
    with a professional designer & product manager
  • Books & tools
  • Hands-on exercises:
    individual & group
  • Tea, coffee
    and sweet treats