The UX Conference speaker Felice Hawley

Felice Hawley – Editorial Trainer at Inviqa. Experience as Content Designer / Strategist at Transport for London, ISOC, Episerver and CNN.

Digital content producer/manager/strategist on large- and medium-sized projects – typically working on sites with thousands of content pages, dozens of internal content owners and 300+ devolved authors.

Freelance writer/editor, primarily for business news products and broadcast journalist (TV & radio; includes 16+ years at CNN).

What's on

The idea is to get you to think like a content designer: from how to structure text and write plain English to decluttering text and content strategy. The workshop will include:

  • Writing and editing skills/digital copywriting: Tips and tricks for taking bad, boring corporate speak copy into something that works for users and helps with SEO. Lots of practical exercises on front-loading and decluttering text and writing headings, links and in plain English etc.
  • Think like a journalist: A lot of content designers started as journalists, trained to look at information critically, filling in the holes and checking the logic.
  • Working with stakeholders: Advice on working with stakeholders on copy. It’s kind of train the trainer – showing how to make stakeholders confident that you know what you’re doing if you edit their bad copy!
  • Plus some basic content strategy to underpin any project
  • Signed certificate
    upon completion
  • Handouts & slides
    printed & digital
  • Live QnA
    with a professional designer
  • Books & tools
  • Hands-on exercises:
    individual & group
  • Tea, coffee
    and sweet treats