The UX Conference speaker Sim Wishlade

Sim Wishlade – Principle Product Designer at OpenTable and is responsible for transforming customer experiences across the product.

Moving between roles as a designer, Product Manager and Front-End engineer Simeon helps to define, design and deliver these experience for a global market.

Previously at Deutsche Telekom and Which?.

What's on

We'll go through how we work together in a team at OpenTable: from coming up with ideas for tests, how they are prioritised, how as a remote team we work with teams in the US to get research. We'll also share some A/B tests that we have run and what we have learned from them, covering:

  • Launch and learn – iterating on design from data gathered in A/B tests
  • When an A/B test win isn’t a win – beyond the A/B testing tool
  • When the needle won’t move – when to step change a design
  • Messaging matters – small words, big affect.