The UX Conference speaker John Aurtande

John Aurtande – Brand Strategist at Creuna solving complex branding challenges.

John has been leading several award-winning branding projects, including the rebranding of the City of Oslo. He has more than 15 years of experience as strategist, advisor and analyst.

What's on

Oslo, Norway’s capital, is a modern and growing city, loved by its residents. It has 15 districts, 36 agencies, 53 000 employees, and countless projects and initiatives. But, with over 250 logos in use, this caused confusion and clutter. As a result, Oslo’s residents didn’t recognise much of the good work their municipal government actually did.

That’s why we created one logo and identity – to unite Oslo. The new identity adapts to the diversity of the city’s institutions and services. It creates a unified visual identity across all channels and is designed for use in two dimensions, three dimensions and motion.

In this talk I'll share our design process and challenges building the city's new identity that helps Oslo and its residents continue to connect and thrive together.