The UX Conference speaker Holly Habstritt Gaal

Holly Habstritt Gaal – Director, Design at DuckDuckGo, focusing on raising the standard of trust online. Previously, she held leadership roles at Mozilla, Booking, and Huge and currently lives in Amsterdam.

What's on

It’s not difficult to find examples of questionable ethics in product decisions. There can be many reasons why the ethical path is not chosen, but those involved often find themselves at a fork in the road between ethical design and design that's good for business.

The ability to make ethical design decisions is a byproduct of aligning on principals and a design team’s proximity to how this is interpreted.

While many of our methods have been co-opted or turned into buzzwords, it’s time to rethink and re-own our expertise, focusing on principles, people, and practice. We’ll explore very practical ways that you can experiment with in your organization, that may not feel directly related to everyday design tasks, but do influence our ability to make a positive impact in what we build.