The UX Conference speaker Henny Swan

Henny Swan – Director Of User Experience at The Paciello Group. Previously Senior Accessibility Specialist at BBC and Web Evangelist at Opera.

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My unofficial job title is Accessibility Hobo because really that’s what I am. I do accessibility and I’m homeless in the sense that I join teams, projects and companies helping with accessibility whether it be UX, design, development, testing, strategy or maintenance.

A constant question on my travels from every individual, team, or company that I work with is «How the heck do we do this?» .

Teams generally know what to do: follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 which cover colour contrast, text alternatives, keyboard accessibility, structure etc, etc, etc… In fact, so much «etc» it becomes a little overwhelming to know where to start or how to integrate accessibility into process. So, where do we start?

Meet another hobo… Button. A simple element used in complex ways, requiring cross team collaboration to get right.

In this talk I will look at the button’s journey as it goes through the design and development process set against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and the Inclusive Design Principles. We’ll follow the button’s journey to make it accessible and usable across a variety of contexts surfacing along the way how teams can collaborate and integrate accessibility into process.