The UX Conference speaker Alp Turgut

Alp Turgut – Senior UX / UI Designer at Toptal. Previously Senior Digital Product Designer at Nike and Atlassian.

He formerly pioneered the social networking and B2B e-commerce tool at Nike and contributed to the one of the best project management tool JIRA in Atlassian. With the aim of simplicity and aesthetics, he care greatly for users and fuelled by a passion for solving challenging problems through detail-oriented great user experiences including design sprints, user research, interaction design, user interface design, prototyping, and branding. Alp’s work has been featured as pioneer in all around the globe as best practice. He has a Master’s Degree on Computer Science and certified with Stanford Design Thinking Action lab and contributed to the various digital mediums for both startups and well-known brands.

What's on

In order to bring life to innovative digital products of one of the world’s biggest brands, you need inhale the culture, adapt the environment and learn the game rules very well.

Nike says that its corporate operations and its retail stores are all about the athletes they serve and the inspiration and innovation that the company's products provide to those consumers. Moreover, the company continuously pushes the idea that the public should redefine what it means to be an athlete. The use of the term "athlete" typically evokes images of players engaging in professional or college sports. But the idea aims to change our perceptions of what an athlete is.

Nike was doing this while developing guiding principles referred to as its “Maxims”. These principles are meant to give a sense of direction and purpose to employees at all levels of the corporation in order to create brand faced digital experiences of sports applications.

We’ll explore how these maxims have helped to design Digital Products while sharing some UX / UI design practices.