Photo of Teo Tokis, speaker at The UX Conference 2023 in London

Teo Tokis — Co-Founder of Useberry

Over an exciting decade, I've put my creative energy and technical skills to work as a software engineer, crafting an array of innovative digital products in both the public and private sectors. Backed by a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Computer Engineering, I've found a unique blend of academic knowledge and hands-on experience to drive innovation in this fast-paced field.

Motivated by a profound passion for user-centric design, I find inspiration in my experiences and challenges encountered throughout my career. This inspiration fuels my drive to create exceptional products that provide extraordinary digital experiences. My ultimate goal is to design user-friendly solutions that not only fulfill the needs of individuals but also evoke genuine enthusiasm for their usage.

Photo of George Kordatos, speaker at The UX Conference 2023 in London

George Kordatos — UX and Product Designer at Useberry

Since 2019 I've leveraged more than six years of experience in crafting meaningful digital product experiences at Useberry. In this role, Useberry presented itself as the ideal yet most challenging project, compelling me to develop a universally accessible user testing platform distinguished by its ease of use.

As part of my daily routine, I actively seek opportunities to broaden my expertise across various domains. Working in close collaboration with UX Researchers, Designers, and Developers, I strive to address UX issues and architect holistic solutions. By embracing each unique challenge, I am continuously expanding my knowledge and skillset, and ensuring that each product meets and exceeds the expectations of the user.