Photo of Scott Milburn, speaker at The UX Conference 2023 in London

Venessa Bennett — Head of UX at Cazoo

As an experienced Design Leader, she specialises in designing digital experiences that solve user problems, while achieving business objectives. She is at her best when working in fast-paced, collaborative environments that bring together stakeholders, creative and technical teams, to create digital solutions from research through to product refinement.

Working alongside the C-suite to promote the importance of design thinking and collaboration throughout the business. Building inclusive and diverse teams and enable them to perform at their best by providing an environment that’s focused on understanding the user, refining design processes and helping each individual grow and progress in their careers.

Photo of Rhiannon Evans, speaker at The UX Conference 2023 in London

Rhiannon Evans — Senior User Researcher at Cazoo

Carries out strategic user research projects that enable teams to prioritise building tools and processes that support our internal users and customers at Cazoo.

Photo of Kate Sims, speaker at The UX Conference 2023 in London

Kate Sims — Lead User Researcher at Cazoo