Photo of David R Smith, speaker at The UX Conference 2023 in London

David R Smith — Co-Founder of StoryTribe.

I'm an entrepreneur at heart with a creative mindset that truly enhances my skills as a full-stack developer. I also have a keen interest in AI and incorporating it into my projects to create innovative solutions.

During my free time, I'm the co-founder and lead developer of StoryTribe, a web app that empowers professionals to create storyboards effortlessly.

In my day job, I work as a prototype developer at dcactiv, where I collaborate with individuals and companies to transform their tech ideas into working prototypes.

Photo of Yunmie Kim, speaker at The UX Conference 2023 in London

Yunmie Kim — Co-Founder of StoryTribe, UX specialist, Illustrator and Author.

Helping bring ideas to life on professional storyboards. UX specialist with a passion for solving problems and creating meaningful user experiences.