📢 Psst, we're re-running workshops at The UX Week.


Photo of Iannish, speaker at The UX Conference 2021

Iannish Posooa – Senior Product Designer at what3words. Previously worked for brands such as BBC, ITV, Olympic Broadcasting Services and Time Inc. to name a few.

What's on

  • The basics of setting up a team in Figma
  • Determining what should be a component with development handover in mind
  • Keeping the atomic structure of your library simple so you don't create unnecessary complexity
  • How to share libraries with teams and what privileges to give to different parts of the business
  • How to update them so you don't break your team's hard work and crucially don't lose the data in each instance of a component
  • Autolayout: tips and tricks for responsive layout that can reduce your workload by about 60%
  • Prototyping and micro-interaction possibilities in Figma
  • Dev handover. The basics and the advanced things that developers don't tell you but will improve your relationship with them
  • Remote working: Who to share your designs and get stakeholders to follow
  • Finally: How to share your design library with other teams and companies