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Photo of Ben Sauer, speaker at The UX Conference 2021

Ben Sauer – Independent Product & Design Strategist.

Recently – Design Director at Babylon Health, leading a large team of 100 designers, clinicians, data scientists, and engineers on AI-based products worth $100m+.

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Join this session to learn the basics of voice design and design process. In this session, Ben will take you through the key differences that distinguish voice design from screen design, how to think about voice strategically when discovering use cases, the process and principles, and how to prototype and test. You’ll join a team during this session, and together you will prototype and test a voice experience.

Voice is no longer a new frontier - smart speakers have sold faster than any previous technology in history, and as a result, more and more of us are using voice UIs as part of daily life. As more and more services reach customers through voice channels, and the reliability of the technology improves, the competitive landscape is heating up. Consumer expectations are increasing, services need to evolve to meet them with voice.

The canvas upon which we design has expanded beyond the screen: it’s likely our future is a multimodal one - screen, voice, touch and more, all working together. The approach one must take to voice is radically different to designing for screens: no longer can a designer dictate what a user can do. Instead we must design for open-ended input, i.e. speech, perhaps humanity’s most unique and ancient technologies.

The workshop will include:

  • How the design challenges differ between voice and screen
  • The limits and benefits of voice technology
  • Where voice is and is not appropriate, why, and how to evaluate use cases
  • The key concepts unique to voice: intents, slots, utterances, variables, and more
  • Voice design process & principles
  • How to test voice designs