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Photo of Roman, speaker at The UX Conference 2021

Roman Schöneboom – UX Design Systems Lead at Credit Suisse, previously leading Service Design at Lloyds Banking Group, Tesco and UK Ministry of Justice. A certified facilitator for LEGO Serious Play.

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You don’t need to be an artist to master the basics of a visual vocabulary. It’s drawing, not rocket science. The motor skills you use to write a shopping list or sign a birthday card are no different from those that you need to draw a picture.

We’ll start the day with some simple warm-up exercises, learning about the importance of visual thinking, build your own visual vocabulary, and continue to gradually extent the level of detail and complexity in your drawings.

From there, we’ll show you how to use your new visual vocabulary to solve problems creatively, think strategically, present ideas clearly and persuasively, uncover fresh perspectives, collaborate with others, and engage with your audience.

  • Build a basic visual vocabulary
  • Improve your drawing and design skills
  • Organise and simplify complex information
  • Learn lessons from the best visual communicators
  • Use pictures as a problem-solving tool
  • Develop techniques for capturing ideas visually