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The UX Conference speaker Chimmy Kalu

Chimmy Kalu – Senior Product Designer at Triptease. Previously at WorldRemit, Condé Nast, British Airways, Vogue, GQ and New Look.

Chimmy focuses on creating accessible, usable, and lovable experiences. She works with companies that put people first, helping them create products that solve real problems. She believes that accessibility shouldn’t be a dirty word or “nice to have” — and that inclusive design practices don’t stop products from being profitable.

What's on

Introductory workshop covering UX design process suitable for beginner to intermediate levels. We'll show you how to carry out user research, map user journeys, run usability and A/B testing, track conversions and more:

  • introduction into User Experience design process
    for you to have a lean, robust & effective workflow across your projects and company
  • carrying out user research and reporting findings:
    to understand users, their needs and challenges using surveys and interviews
  • mapping user journeys and experience maps:
    to understand how users navigate through the system, find out about their feelings any pain-points
  • creating information architecture using card sorting:
    to group information in a more logical way to improve navigation and help users complete their tasks quicker
  • usability testing remotely & in person:
    to validate assumptions and test product directly with users before spending time and financial resources on coding
  • A/B testing:
    to compare two or more design variations and pick the best performing one (instead of arguing with fellow teammates)
  • review of the best accessibility practices:
    to make sure design is inclusive and works for everyone (way further than only for people with disabilities)
  • looking into analytics:
    to measure performance of your design: setting goals and tracking conversions in order to turn visitors into customers