📢 Psst, we're re-running workshops at The UX Week.


Photo of Sergei Golubev, speaker at The UX Conference 2021

Sergei Golubev – UX designer & entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience working with companies like Microsoft, Heathrow, British Gas and numerous startups. Founder of The School of UX and organiser of TheUXConf.

What's on

Do you know how many «principles for good design» Dieter Rams defined? Or when the first GUI prototype was created?

We've had fun running the UX design quiz with 300+ attendees at our 5th UX Conference back in 2020. You'll find a video recording on YouTube from the last year's session – see if you can correctly answer all of the UX and UI design related questions.

We've got a completely new set of questions for March 2021 – so, get ready 🤯.

It may look easy in the beginning, but trust us – it gets harder from question 10 onwards; we've had only 1 person out of 300 designers who managed to answer all (what a legend 💪!).